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My Story

TEABUD Mental Calmness Peacefulness Clarity
   Growing The Business 

The Company was inspired by a personal need. My name is Kelly, the creator of TEABUD, and also a Healthcare Professional/Tea Enthusiast, that has battled with issues such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Fibromyalgia for years. These conditions cause continuous aches and pains, as well as inflammation in the body.


In 2014, my daughter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves resulting in disruption of communication between the brain and the body. To help my daughter manage her condition, I put my knowledge and understanding of science & creativity to work to develop a tea infused with CBD.



In addition to supplying calming effects, the taste and quality of the teas were also critical factors for helping to manage our non-curable conditions with RA, MS. The properties of the tea continue to help manage some of the symptoms; today I am currently pain free and my inflammation is down 90%. As for my daughter, a flourishing nursing student, her health is currently stable.

Seeing the effects on my daughter, as well as experiencing them myself, I realized that my tea could help others and improve on the health & wellness of those seeking a natural remedy. With my daughter’s input, TEABUD was formed. I created other versions of CBD-infused teas;  Pure-Ashe' which supplies a calming effect and may have the ability to reduce anxiety, and Vitality which helps to boost energy without making one nervous or jittery.

More Information

TEABUD offers a customer centric approach that focuses on creating the best experience for the consumer before the sale of our products takes place. By this we mean that care is taken in developing a quality product to help address health needs while being pleasing to the taste. Considering the needs of the consumer, TEABUD has created 4 versions of teas to help with various needs and tastes. TEABUD has also developed a line of CBD-infused honey, which complements the teas.

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